Requirements for surrogate mother:

1. Female till 32 years old
2. Having your own child (s)
3. Excellent mental and physical health
4. Lack of bad habits
5. The future surrogate mother must provide the following documents BEFORE joining the program:
 - Certificates from an expert in narcology and a psychiatrist about the passage of examinations
 - Notarized permission of the husband (if the candidate is married) to participate in the program of surrogate metarinism
 - Results of the tests: blood test, urine and smear.

Stages of the Surrogate motherhood program:

1. Registration on the site and filling in online questionnaires
2. We ask you to attach a quality photo, a portrait sample, not selfi
3. Confirmation of registration of the application form - a call from the manager and consultation
4. Entry to the first stage of the Clinic surveys
5. When you visit the clinic, you sign the Agreement with the Agency (the sample is available after registration)
6. Based on the results of the primary phase, we obtain / do not receive admission to the second stage of the surveys
7. Based on the results of the second stage of the survey, we obtain / do not receive admission to the program
8. Under the statement in the program we sign the contract with the couple

Dear surrogate moms!

Please note: surveys take 1-2 months + waiting for stimulation from 1 to 2 months.